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CITY OF KAMIAH City Council  WORKSHOP MINUTES February 23, 2022 @ 4PM



City Council


February 23, 2022 @ 4PM


Betty Heater, Mayor

Council Members: Genese Simler (President), James Kelly, Scott Moffett, Kaylee Hunt


Call to order 4PM


Discussion Item:  


  • RV Ordinance: We talked about enforcing fire safety regulations in the city. No recreational vehicle, trailer, or coach shall block any emergency egress route.  There must be a 3ft clearance to each fire hydrant and no encroachment on exposure. The setbacks need to meet the minimum planning and zoning requirements. There will be no recreational vehicle, trailer, or coach parking in any alley, and all recreational vehicles and coaches must be licensed, registered and moveable in the event of an emergency.


  • Operation Fresh Start: We will be in contact with Terry Jackson-Jacksons Towing & Robert Simmons-Simmons Sanitation to set up reduced rates for dumpsters and vehicle removal. We will contact UYLC, 4-H, Fire Department, and local inmates to help clean up the properties that are needing a fresh start. This will take place in the spring once we receive our next round of ARPA (COVID) funds.


  • Food Cart Permits: We have decided to change the food cart rates in the
    City of Kamiah. Currently they are $1.00 a day for 10 days.  We will be raising them to $25.00 a week or $85.00 a month.  This will take effect once the new ordinance is in place.


  • Public Comments: We use to allow public comments at the end of every council meeting, but with the pandemic and closed meetings it has faded away. We are going to reinstate public comments. They will have 3 minutes to talk to the council and the public.  All comments must be kept professional and calm.


  • Property Easement: The City owns a piece of land on N Aspen and 5th. The city has been approached by an interested party and asked to put a road in so whoever purchases the two lots will have access to their land.  The city has not decided what they are going to do, but it has been mentioned that we could sell the land at auction and whoever purchases the land can be responsible for the road. The city is exploring all its legal obligations and options.


Meeting adjourned @ 4:50PM


Next Meeting: March 23rd,2022


“All Agendas are posted in accordance with Idaho Code Title 74.”




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Betty Heater, Mayor                                                         Brenda Taylor, City Clerk