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Water discoloration


Some are noticing that their water may have a brownish tint to it. This is the seasonal issue we fight this time of year during spring runoff conditions -which we have been experiencing in early February this year! The color is from manganese which is a naturally occurring mineral in our area. There appears to have been a bit of a landslide on the South Fork over the past weekend, and those always stir up this discoloration.

Manganese is not harmful in the levels we experience, and is not regulated. It is, however a nusaince! The easiest thing to do is let your water run a minute or two to allow a little flushing before using it. The discoloration forms when the water sits for a time in presence of chlorine. So if there are stains which result? Do NOT use more bleach! That will only make matters worse! A mild acid like vinegar can help, or for bad stains very careful use of a stronger acid like CLR (available from our area hardware stores) can help. But read directions carefully, CLR is a very strong chemical.
We expect the discoloration to clear up soon. But if we continue to have a wet spring it may recur. A little flushing - or a little more useage- goes a long way to preventing the color from building up.