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Press Release from Kamiah Fire-Rescue


October 23, 2020

Press Release from Kamiah Fire-Rescue
Regarding: agency donation equipment

Kamiah Fire-Rescue is excited for the future of its organization as it begins to transition for the future.
Including the ability to work with other agencies and network in finding equipment and supplies that
support our emergency responders who work to save lives when called upon.
Incoming Fire/EMS Chief Arsenault was able to secure rescue, firefighting, emergency medical services
personal protective equipment (PPE) and hazardous materials support materials already within the last

This included:
firehose nozzles, haz-mat support/response materials, radios, flashlights, pulse oximeters, SKEDCO
rescue sleds, uniforms for our volunteers and new-junior firefighter program, a station generator, and
extrication equipment for removing trapped victims from automobile accidents.

These in-kind, interagency donations and federal property program items saved Kamiah residents an
estimated $30,000.00 (based on current value). Many of these items brand new would have cost almost
$60,000.00 dollars.In addition, the items secured provide life-saving assistance to our EMTs and Firefighters when
responding to critical calls. From extrication tools, to firefighting gear, to hazardous material response
support to medical equipment…a little bit of everything to support our emergency responders of Kamiah
If you are a community member interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter/emergency medical
responder or a junior firefighter, and learning to use these pieces of equipment, please reach out to
Fire/EMS Chief Bill Arsenault at barsenault@cityofkamiah.org.

Stephanie Dyche
City of Kamiah