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Agenda Regular City Council Meeting, The City of Kamiah Idaho 04/14/2021


City of Kamiah, Idaho
City Council
Regular Meeting Agenda
April 14,2021 @ 6:00 p.m.
Betty Heater, Mayor
Council Members: Dan Millward (President), Stephen Rowe, James Kelly and Genese Simler
Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Approve Agenda (ACTION)
Approve Consent Agenda (ACTION)
• Approve Minutes from Regular Council Meeting 3-24-21(ACTION)
• Approve Workshop Minutes 4-7-21 (ACTION)
• Approve Monthly and Interim bills – March 2021 $34,378.78 (ACTION)
• Approve Fair Housing Proclamation 2021 (ACTION)
• Approve Resolution 2019-7 (ACTION)
• Approve Resolution 2020-03 (ACTION)
Discussion Items / Action Items
• Discuss/ Approve Cleanup Day Request - James Nixon (ACTION)
• Discuss/ Approve 3 Rivers Amateur Radio Club Reservation – (ACTION)
• Discuss/ Approve Extrication equipment upgrade as planned in the FY 2020 budget (ACTION)
• Discuss/ Approve Debco’s Quote for Swimming Pool Water Line Repairs (ACTION)
• Discuss/ Approve Ambulance cots lack of maintenance and out of service down-time issues, contracts
for multi-year purchase (ACTION)
• Discuss/ Approve Chief Arsenault’s attendance at the Idaho Fire Chief’s meeting (ACTION)
• Discuss/ Approve Associated costs covered by the City (Conference, lodging) (ACTION)
• Discuss/ Approve Jacksons to donate $2,000 in trailer, cost split between City and District for
remaining cost. Placed at impound yard for training.(ACTION)
• Discuss/ Approve Engine 22 power steering issue, pump testing (ACTION)
• Discuss/ Approve Fire Department Resolutions (ACTION)
o Surplus communications – radios
o Uniforms
o Supplies
o Media
o EMS Pay
• Update on hydrant flushing to begin in two weeks
• Update on EMS Week, Station open house, touch a truck -5-21-21 (ACTION)
• Discuss/ Approve Health and Human Services (ACTION)
• Approve Brenda Taylor for City Clerk (ACTION)
• Swear in City Clerk (ACTION)
• Update on Airport (ACTION)
• Discuss/ Approve wood from BBQ Pit (ACTION)
Next Meeting: April 28,2021
“All Agendas are posted in accordance with Idaho Code Title 74.