Mayor and Council Members

Regular meetings of the Council are held on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall, located at 507 Main Street.

The Mayor and four Council members are all elected to serve four-year terms.

Council member elections are held every two years and are staggered so that two of the four seats are open at each election. The January following an election, the Council elects a President from among its members. The Council President serves as Mayor in his/her absence and has such other duties and responsibilities as the Council may assign from time to time by vote or by resolution.



  • Dale Schneider


Mayoral General Duties:

The mayor, the superintending and administrative officer of the municipality, shall devote so much of his/her time to the duties of his office as an efficient and faithful discharge thereof may require. He/she shall preside at all meetings of the council and shall have a vote when the council is equally divided, and call special meetings of the council when necessary. He/she shall appoint all officers and employees of the municipality, subject to the approval of the council, and have such other powers as the council may prescribe. He/she shall from time to time provide for the council such information and recommend such measures as he may deem beneficial to the municipality, he shall examine the grounds of all complaints against any of the officers of the municipality to determine the existence of a violation or neglect of duty and report the evidence thereof, if deemed sufficient for the removal of such officer, to the council. He/she shall require that every officer, on the expiration of his term of office or resignation or removal from the same, deliver to his successor all monies, books, papers, maps, furniture, fixtures, apparatus, machinery, tools and instruments and appurtenances belonging to such office. He/she shall perform all other duties required and necessary for the efficient operation of the business of the municipality.


City Council Members:


  • Genese Simler– President
  • David Redden
  • Sherry Arthur


City Council General Duties:

The members of the council, the legislative and policy making branch of the government of the municipality, shall devote so much of their time to the duties of their office as an efficient and faithful discharge thereof may require. They shall attend all meetings of the council unless lawfully excused therefrom by the mayor or by a majority of the remaining members, and perform all duties which by the nature of their office they should reasonably perform, such as the passing of ordinances, resolutions, and the investigation and study of work done for the municipality according to the character of the committee upon which they may severally be appointed by the mayor.