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Regular City Council Meeting Agenda for 12/10/2020.


City of Kamiah, Idaho
City Council
Regular Meeting Agenda
December 10, 2020 @ 5:00 p.m. (AMENDED AGENDA)
***This meeting will be held in accordance with the Governor’s stage 2 directive. There will only
10 attendees in the room or less and will be live streamed on the City of Kamiah
Facebook Page.
Betty Heater, Mayor
Council Members: Dan Millward (President), Stephen Rowe and Genese Simler
Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Approve Amended Agenda (ACTION)
Approve Consent Agenda (ACTION)
• Approve Minutes from Regular City Council Meeting 11/12/20 (ACTION)
• Approve Monthly and Interim bills – November 2020- $42,303.19 (ACTION)
• Approve Parade Permit for 12-4-20 Christmas Lighting Parade (ACTION)
• Approve Catering Permit for Annual Recap Meeting 12/19/20 (ACTION)
• Approve Resolution 2019-7 (ACTION)
• Approve Resolution 2020-03 (ACTION)
Discussion Items / Action Items
• Update on Basketball Court at Dupont Park -Cloud Guffey/ Councilmember Stephen Rowe
• Discuss/ Approve Letter of Interest for FEMA Bric Program- (ACTION) Bob West
• Discuss/ Approve Street Light on Meisner Lane (ACTION) –
• Approve Mountain Waterworks to submit an IDEQ Letter of Interest for the City of Kamiah Clean Water Letter of Interest
o The FY22 Clean Water LOI is for the design and construction of its public sewer facilities.
• Discuss/ Approve Fisher Quote for security at Fire Station/ City Hall (ACTION)
• Discuss Joint Powers Agreement –(ACTION) Chief Arsenault
• Discuss Fire/ EMS hourly pay rate –(ACTION) – Chief Arsenault
• Updates on Fire Department Operations– Chief Arsenault
o Fire/EMS Station Reconstruction Completion (ACTION)
o Active 911 Renewal (ACTION)
o Fire/EMS supplies- Chief Arsenault
▪ Other Associated Fire Equipment - Chainsaws/ Apparatus Equipment (saws, nozzles, rescue equipment) (ACTION)
▪ EMS Supplies for ALS Service) $25,000.00 (ACTION)
o CARES ACT Spending –
▪ Target Solutions (ACTION)
▪ MES ( Masks, Tics, Thompson ‘s Commercial Extractor, ventilators, McGrath airway)- (ACTION)
o Discuss Surplus Equipment –
▪ Spider Straps/Backboards/ Radios/ Non-power cot (ACTION )
• Discuss/ Approve Purchase of new fire helmets -$7475.00 (ACTION) – Chief Arsenault
• Update on NFIRS Reports – Chief Arsenault
• Update on Ambulance District – Chief Arsenault
• Discuss Multi – Agency Ambulance Service Agreement – Chief Arsenault
• Discuss/Approval to waive $84.12 consumption fees 920 3rd (ACTION)
• Discuss/ Approve Compliance Letter for Toys for Tots Daycare (ACTION)
• Update on Swimming Pool Progress – Mayor Heater
• Discuss Fuel Truck Repairs (ACTION) – Mayor Betty Heater
• Discuss City Council Meeting December 23,2020 (ACTION)
• Motion to go into Executive Session pursuant to Idaho Code Section 74-206(1) based on the following statutory
requirements: ACTION (a)&(b): Consider personnel matters.(d): Consider records that are exempt from public
disclosure.(f) To communicate with legal counsel for pending or potential litigation.
Next Meeting: December 23,2020
“All Agendas are posted in accordance with Idaho Code Title 74.”